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Melodies of Life

Director of Admissions - Lawrence University

There are some topics that are just plain hard to write about. Music is one of them. But if you can write well about something like music, it can be very impressive. Michael Thorp, director of admissions at Lawrence University, has read many poor essays about music. Despite the fact that music is such a difficult topic, it was the subject of one of the best essays he recently read. The student wrote about playing a Bach overture. Thorp says, “What made this essay truly special was that the student was able to reflect upon the music’s effect on the people around her.” “She included a description of a student outside her normal peer group who was sitting next to her and how through the music they were playing they bridged the social chasm that existed. It was well-written. It was imaginative. It gave me a true glimpse into her personality. It was a brilliant essay,” raves Thorp. Don’t be afraid to tackle a difficult topic. Often while more time-consuming to write, they can make extremely effective essays.

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