Model for Parsing

Model for Parsing :

James is commander of the troops.

Commander is a common noun, masculine gender, singular noun,3rd person, nominative case after the verb IS according to Rule.

To be a good man is not an easy thing.

MAN is a common noun, masculine gender, singular noun,3rd person used indefinitely after the verb TO BE according to Rule.


Parse the Nouns and Pronouns after the verb in the same ease with the noun or pronoun before it in the following sentences.

1. Ellon is the best scholar in the class.

2. Arnold was a traitor to his country.

3. I am the owner of this property.

4. Nathan said unto David, “ Thon art the man."

5. Godliness, with contentment, is great gain.

6. It was he that did it.

7. It was she that told us the story.

8. It was Charles that we saw on the boat.

9. Washington was the first President.

10. I am sure it was John who passed.

11. Thomson, the author of “ The Seasons," is a delightful poet.

12. Intemperance has been the ruin of many.

13. He was considered to be a suitable person.

14. To be called a coward does not make one so.

15. To be a good citizen should be every man’s desire.

16. The Senate caused Scylla to be proclaimed dictator.

17. To die a hero is better thuu to live a coward.


Parse, in the foregoing exercises, all the Subjects, Possessives, Objects, Prepositions and Verbs.

Model for Parsing :

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