These ROOT-WORDS are MONSTR, MONSTRI & MUST which come from the Latin verb monstrare which means TO SHOW. Eventually the SHOWING began to be associated with the dreadful, the monstrous and the monster.

1. Monster : MONS ter (mon’ ster) n.

A malformed creature

2. Monstrous : MONSTR ous (mon’ strus) adj.

Having the qualities of a monster; unnatural

3. Monstrosity : MONSTR osity (mon stros’ it ee) n.

A malformation; freak

4. Monstrify : MONSTRI fy (mons’ trk fie) v.

To make into a monster; disfigure

5. Monstrification : MONSTRI fication(mons tri fi kay’ shun) n.

The act of turning into a monster

6. Monstriferous : MONSTRI ferious (mon stri’ fer us) adj.

Bearing monsters

7. Muster : MUST er (mus’ ter) v.

To gather together; collect put on display

8. Remonstrance : re MONSTR ance (re mon’ strans) n.

Protest; expostulation

9. Musterer : MUST erer (mus’ ter er) n.

The one who gathers all together for display

10. Remonstration : re MONSTR action (re mon stray’ shun) n.

Expostulation; opposition

11. Undemonstrative : unde MONSTR ativ(un de mon’ strat iv) adj.

Not showing affection

12. Demonstrate : de MONSTR ate (dem’ on strate) v.

To display; show

13. Demonstrator : de MONSTR ator (dem’ on strate or) n.

One who displays; exhibits

14. Demonstration : de MONSTR ation (dem on stray’ shun) n.

A display; an exhibition

15. Demonstrational : de MONSTR ational adj.

Relating to a demonstration

16. Remonstrate : re MONSTR ate (re mon’ strate) v.

To protest; reprove; find fault

17. Demonstrative : de MONSTR ative (de mon’ strat iv) adj.

Showing to be real; showing affection
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