mr clean

Mr Clean

an honourable or incorruptible politician.

Related Idioms :

clean as a whistle

extremely clean or clear

free of incriminating evidence – informal

a clean bill of health

a declaration or confirmation that someone is healthy or something is in good condition

In the mid 18th century, a bill of health was an official certificate given to the master of a ship on leaving port. If clean, it certified that there was no infection either in the port or on board the vessel.

a clean sheet = a clean sheet slate

an absence of existing restraints or commitments

2003 - Guardian - Given a clean slate and an impressive budget, I would love to programme a festival that exposed audiences to completely new forms of music making at their best and most diverse.

clean his clock

give someone a beating

defeat or surpass someone decisively - North American informal

Clock is used here in the slang sense of face.

clean house

eliminate corruption or inefficiency - North American

clean up your act

behave in a more acceptable manner – informal

come clean

be completely honest and frank – informal

have clean hands = keep your hands clean

be uninvolved and blameless with regard to an immoral act.

keep a clean sheet

(in a football match) prevent the opposing side from scoring.

keep your nose clean

stay out of trouble - Informal

make a clean breast of something = make a clean breast of it

confess your mistakes or wrongdoings.

In former times, many people believed that the breast or chest was where a person's conscience was located. The breast is still used metaphorically to represent the seat of the emotions.

make a clean sweep

remove all unwanted people or things ready to start afresh

win all of a group of similar or related sporting competitions, events or matches.

take someone to the cleaners

take all of someone's money or possessions in a dishonest or unfairway

inflict a crushing defeat on someone.

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