This ROOT-WORD is NEUR which comes from the Greek neuron which means NERVE. The most subtle and evasive of diseases are the NEURological (No. 11) ones. If we studied NEURophysiology, the physiology of the nervous system, we would know more about NEURism (No. 6) and know how to prevent NEURoses (plural of No. 15), and be better equipped to avoid NEURoticism (No. 17).

1. Neural : NEUR al (nur’ al) adj.

Relating to a nerve

2. Neuralgia : NEUR algia (nu ral’ ja) n.

Acute pain extending along the nerve

3. Neuralgic : NEUR algic (nur’ ral’ jik) adj.

Resembling neuralgia; as, a neuralgic pain

4. Neuric : NEUR ic (nue’ rik) adj.

Relating to the nervous system

5. Neurility : NEUR ility (nu ril’ i ti) n.

Function of the nerves

6. Neurism : NEUR ism (nu’ riz um) n.

Nerve force

7. Neuritis : NEUR it is (nu rite’ is) n.

Inflammation of a nerve

8. Neuroid : NEUR oid (nu’ roid) adj.

Similar to a nerve or nerve tissue

9. Neuronym : NEUR onym (nu’ ro nim) n.

The name of either a nerve or part of the nervous system, or both

10. Neurology : NEUR ology (nu rol’ o jee) n.

Branch of medicine which studies the nervous system

11. Neurological : NEUR ological (nur o loj’ i kal) n.

Relating to neurology

12. Neurologist : NEEUR ologist (nu rol’ o jist) n.

One who practices neurology

13. Neurergic : NEUR ergic (nu rer’ jik) adj.

Relating to the action of the nerves

14. Neurography : NEUR ography (nu rog’ ra fi) n.

A description of the nervous system

15. Neurosis : NEUR osis (nu roe’ sis) n.

A nonphysical disorder of the nervous system

16. Neurotic : NEUR otic (nu rot’ ik) adj.

Acting on the nerves; instability

17. Neuroticism : NEUR oticism (nu rot’ i siz um) n.

A neurotic condition

18. Neuropathic : NEUR opathic (nur o path’ ik) adj.

Having a nerve disease

19. Neurasthenia : NEUR asthenia (nur as thee’ nee a) n.

A nervous condition of extreme fatigue

20. Neurexairesis : NEUR exairesis (nur eks i ree sis) n.

The removal of a nerve to obtain relief from such diseases as neuralgia
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