Know Your Next Word : nubilous

22. nubilous :

adjective :

1. Cloudy, misty or foggy

2. Vague or obscure

Usage :

  • Antonioni is probably best known for Blow-Up, a nubilous 1966 drama set in swinging London about a fashion photographer who comes to believe that a photograph he took of two lovers in a public park also shows, hidden in the background, evidence of a murder.(Rick Lyman : Michelangelo Antonioni - Subversive Filmmaker : International Herald Tribune (Paris - France) : August 1 - 2007.)

  • All of which nubilous musing serves little purpose, except to show that cloud-gazing, as a way of passing time, has appealed to all humanity since the earliest of times.(Andy Drought : We Really Don't Know Clouds At All : The Herald (Glasgow - UK) : Oct 27 - 2001.)

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