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These ROOT-WORDS are NUMBER & NUMER which means exactly what it looks like- NUMBER. How lucky we are that we live in a world where we express numbers by numbers and not by letters as the Latins did. I’ve copied out an example using Roman numbers and the corresponding Arabic numbers.MCCLXXXXIX :1289 and +MXXXVIII : +1038

NUMERation has certainly been made easy for us with the Arabic NUMERals and the Hebrew base of ten.

1. Numberless : NUMBER less (num’ ber les) adj.

Without number; as, numberless stars

2. Numeral : NUMBER al (nume’ e ral) adj.

Relating to a number; as, numeral adjective

3. Numeral : NUMBER al (nume’ e ral) n.

A figure expressing a number; as, a Roman numeral

4. Numberable : NUMBER able (num’ be ra b’l) adj.

Can be numbered

5. Numeration : NUMBER ation (nue me ray’ shun) n.

Act of counting

6. Numerant : NUMBER ant (nue’ mer ant) n.

Used in counting

7. Numerate : NUMBER ate (nue’ me rate) v.

To count over; to enumerate

8. Numberology : NUMBER ology (nue me rol’ o jee) n.

A study of the mystic significance of numbers

9. Numerous : NUMBER ous (nume’ e rus) adj.

Of great number; plentiful

10. Numerosity : NUMBER osity (nue mer os’ i ty) n.

State of being numerous
11. Numerical : NUMBER ical (nue’ mer ay tive) adj.

Expressed by numbers

12. Numerative : NUMBER ative (nue’ mer ay tive) adj.

Relating to numeration; as, a numerative system

13. Numerist : NUMBER ist (nue’ mer ist) n.

A numerologist

14. Numerator : NUMBER ator (nue’ me rate or) n.

The upper number in a fraction

15. Enumerate : e NUMBER ate (e nue’ me rate) v.

Count, one by one

16. Innumerable : in NUMBER able (in ume’ e ra b’l) adj.

Not able to be counted

17. Renumber : re NUMBER (re num’ ber) v.

Give to each another, a different number

18. Unnumbered : un NUMBER ed (un num’ berd) adj.

Have not been counted; as, unnumbered votes

19. Supernumerary : super NUMBER ary (sue per nue’ me rare e) adj.

Exceeding the needed number; as, a super numerary officer

20. Denumerable : de NUMBER able (de nume’ e ra b’l) adj.

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