This ROOT-WORD is the Suffix OID which means LIKE & RESEMBLING. It comes from the Latin oides, and Greek eides, with the same meanings. It is a very easy root to use. Use OID to show resemblance. Anyone can do it. Does anything resemble a key? Then it’s ROOT-OID. If you like that you can even use a compound Suffix and say KEY-OID-AL. You can do that to every word on the list. Store up the compound suffixes. They help to strengthen your vocabulary.

1. Gynecoid : gynec OID (jin’ e koid) adj.

Resembling a female in function

2. Asteroid : aster OID (as’ te roid) adj.

Like a star

3. Dentoid : dent OID (den’ toid) adj.

Like a tooth

4. Helioid : heli OID (he’ li oid) adj.

Like the sun

5. Hypnotoid : hypnot OID (hip’ no toid) adj.

Resembling hypnotism

6. Geoid : ge OID (jee’ oid) n.

The figure of the earth

7. Geoidal : ge OID al (jee oi’ dal) adj.

Having the quality of the figure of the earth

8. Anthropoid : anthrop OID (an’ thro poid) adj.

Resembling man

9. Lipoid : lip OID (lip’ oid) adj.

Like fat

10. Neuroid : neur OID (nue’ roid) adj.

Resembling a nerve
11. Negroid : Negr OID (nee; groid) adj.

Resembling the Negro race in traits

12. Osteoid : Oste OID (os’ te oid) adj.

Resembling bone

13. Ostreoid : ostre OID (os’ tree oid) adj.

Oyster like

14. Spheroid : sphere OID (sfer’ oid) adj.

Like a sphere

15. Thyroid : thyr OID (thire’ oid) n.

A large gland below the pharynx in the neck, shaped like a shield

16. Typhoid : typh OID (tie’ foid) n.

A disease resembling typhus

17. Cycloid : cycl OID (sie’ kloid) adj.

Arranged in circles

18. Fibroid : fibr OID (fie’ broid) adj.

Composed of fibrous tissue

19. Tabloid : tabl OID (tab’ loid) n.

A newspaper with a small format

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