New Words : paraskevidekatriaphobia

24. paraskevidekatriaphobia :

noun :

Fear of Friday the 13th

Related Forms :

paraskevidekatriaphobe : noun

paraskevidekatriaphobic : adjective


Dossey said 17 million to 21 million Americans will suffer symptoms of paraskevidekatriaphobia ranging from nervous giggles to pull-the-covers-over-your-head terror. He also estimates that US businesses will lose $ 750 million today because some people refuse to shop, travel or take risks on Friday the 13th.

—Martin J. Smith : Friday the 13th fears don't really add up : Orange County Register : November 13 - 1992

This tongue torturer appears to come from the Greek words paraskevi meaning Friday and dekatria thirteen, with the suffix -phobia tacked on for the fear factor.

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