Parsing Exercises

Parsing Exercises :

Parsing Exercises

Parse HASTILY in the sentence …. John wrote the letter hastily.


(1) an adverb. It qualifies the verb WROTE.

(2) an adverb of manner. It tells the manner in which he wrote.

(3) compared, hastily, more hastily, most hastily.

When the adverb does not admit of comparison, the third thing to say of it will be NOT COMPARED.

Parse all the Adverbs in the following sentences.

1. Cherish me kindly, cheer my young heart.

2. I will follow thee ever and never depart.

3. Charles reads well.

4. Mary sang sweetly.

5. The horse runs swiftly.

6. He was to meet me here.

7. Great men are greatly admired.

8. Thus the farmer sows his seed.

9. The lady sang so very sweetly that she was greatly applauded.

10. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.

11. John knows where to catch the largest fish.

12. I know a spot where the wild rose blooms.

13. We had scarcely reached the wharf when the boat left.

14. The boys will return from school to-morrow.

15. Mary will probably arrive promptly.

16. Softly, slowly, toll the bell.

17. He will certainly secure the reward.

18. Probably he will return in time.

19. He was absent twice in one week.

20. We had nearly reached our destination when the sun set.

21. Perhaps the excursion will be postponed.

22. You must write more carefully. You are the least careful writer in the class.

23. You will recite first the first paragraph on the first page.

24. How can you behave so badly?

25. Why do you neglect your duty?

26. The farmer homeward turned his weary steps and cast his eyes upward to gaze upon the sky, while he thought cheerfully of those at home.

Parse all the Nouns in the foregoing sentences.

Parse all the Pronouns in the foregoing sentences.

Parse all the Verbs in the foregoing sentences.

Parse all the Adjectives in the foregoing sentences.

Parsing Exercises :

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