pass the hat round

pass the hat round

collect contributions of money from a number of people for a specific purpose


be all hat and no cattle

tend to talk boastfully without acting on your words - US informal

black hat = white hat

used in reference to the bad {or good) party in a situation

This idiom refers to the colour of the hats traditionally worn by the bad (or good) characters in cowboy films.

keep something under your hat keep

something a secret

pick something out of a hat select

something, especially the winner of a contest, at random

pull one out of the hat

bring off an unexpected trick in an apparently desperate situation

The image here is of a rabbit pulled out of a magician's hat.

1971 - James McClure - The Steam Pig - I must say you've really pulled one out of the hat this time.

take your hat off to

state your admiration for someone who has achieved something – British

throw your hat into the ring

indicate willingness to take up a challenge or enter a contest

1998 - Times - We have been anticipating that South Africa would throw its hat into the ring for some time and have a high regard for the candidacy.

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