Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense :

This tense is used to express the actions which took place for a duration of particular period time in the past.

Subject + was / were + verb + ing

I / He / She / It / All Singular subjects + was + verb + ing
We / You / They / All Plural subjects + were + verb + ing

Examples :

1. It was raining throughout the night.
2. I was reading a story for a long time yesterday.
3. They were playing football all evening yesterday.
4. He was driving to Chennai yesterday when you made the call. 5. We were worshipping in the temple at that time.

Keywords which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences :

all last night
all last week
all last month
all yesterday
all morning yesterday
all afternoon yesterday
all evening yesterday
from two O’clock to four O’clock
at 9 O’clock this morning
for a long time yesterday
throughout the night

Few sentences in this tense form :

I was eating a mango.
I was arranging the books.
I was living in Canada.
I was walking along the road for five hours yesterday.
I was thinking about this problem for hours together.

He was watching T.V. all last night.
He was returning from home.
He was staying at a hotel.
He was writing this story for five hours a day.
He was preparing for GMAT for the last 2 months.

She was playing tennis.
She was painting the picture.
She was studying law.
She was working in the evening.
She was studying for her final exams all last week.

It was growing fast.
It was jumping into the well.
It was moving towards child.
It was making noise since 3 pm.
It was confusing with no solution in the sight.

We were working in the garden.
We were helping the poor people.
We were singing a song.
We were discussing the case all last month.
We were typing the documents since 1st of this month.

You were sitting on the grass.
You were working in the bank.
You were misguiding me.
You were speaking on for the last three hours.
You were painting a picture unaware of our presence in the room.

They were walking along the road.
They were traveling by bus all yesterday.
They were listening to the lesson.
They were watching movies all morning yesterday.
They were consulting their problems.

Past Continuous Tense :

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