Past Tenses

Past Tenses :

  1. He lived in Trichy.
  2. He managed well.
  3. He measured the length.
  4. He named my son.
  5. He negotiated the request.
  6. He pirated at the sea.
  7. He postponed the tour.
  8. He praised me.
  9. He presided over the function.
  10. He rated high.
  11. He removed the stain.
  12. He restored me.
  13. He revised the lesson.
  14. He saved the baby.
  15. He shaded the picture.
  16. He shared the cake.

  17. I lived Mumbai.
  18. I managed well.
  19. I measured the weight.
  20. I named you.
  21. I negotiated the request.
  22. I pirated at the sea.
  23. I postponed my studies.
  24. I praised you.
  25. I presided over the function.
  26. I rated medium.
  27. I removed the stain.
  28. I restored them.
  29. I revised the lesson.
  30. I saved you.
  31. I shaded the picture.
  32. I shared the book.

  33. She lived in Chennai.
  34. She managed well.
  35. She measured the height.
  36. She named my daughter.
  37. She negotiated the request.
  38. She pirated at the sea.
  39. She postponed the plan till the PM arrived.
  40. She praised him.
  41. She presided over the function.
  42. She rated low.
  43. She removed the lock.
  44. She restored him.
  45. She revised the lesson.
  46. She saved the old man.
  47. She shaded the picture.
  48. She shared the food.

  49. They lived enjoyably.
  50. They managed well.
  51. They measured the area.
  52. They named us.
  53. They negotiated the request.
  54. They pirated at the sea.
  55. They postponed the work till the winter was over.
  56. They praised her.
  57. They presided over the function.
  58. They rated high.
  59. They removed the stain.
  60. They restored us.
  61. They revised the lesson.
  62. They saved us.
  63. They shaded the picture.
  64. They shared the money.

  65. We lived calmly.
  66. We managed well.
  67. We measured the depth of the oceans.
  68. We named them.
  69. We negotiated the request.
  70. We pirated at the sea.
  71. We postponed coming.
  72. We praised you for your success in IAS exams.
  73. We presided over the function.
  74. We rated low.
  75. We removed the stain.
  76. We restored them.
  77. We revised the lesson.
  78. We saved her.
  79. We shaded the picture.
  80. We shared the room.

  81. You lived happily for a long time.
  82. You managed well.
  83. You measured the breadth.
  84. You named me after my father.
  85. You negotiated the request.
  86. You pirated at the sea.
  87. You postponed going.
  88. You praised them.
  89. You presided over the function.
  90. You rated high.
  91. You removed the stain.
  92. You restored him into his previous position.
  93. You revised the lesson before you sat for the exams.
  94. You saved him from a disaster.
  95. You shaded the picture.
  96. You shared the house with your parents and your friends.

Past Tenses :


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