Know Your Next Word : peripatetic

18. peripatetic :

adjective :

1. Moving or traveling from place to place

2. Of or related to walking, moving, or traveling

3. Of or related to Aristotle: his philosophy or his teaching method of conducting discussions while walking about

noun :

1. An itinerant

2. A follower of Aristotle

Usage :

With his back to goal in a crowded space, the peripatetic Frenchman [Nicolas Anelka] deftly chipped the ball over his shoulder, and into the net for the equalizer.(Rob Hughes : Michel Platini Set to Make Plea to Cut Influence of Money in UEFA : International Herald Tribune (Paris - France) : Feb 15 - 2009.)

  • peripatetic country preachers

    Related Forms :

    peripateticism : noun

    peripatetically : adverb

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