Peter Piper

Peter Piper :


One day, a young mother wanted to celebrate her baby’s first birthday. She wanted a cake but she did not know how to bake one. So she went to see a baker in her town.

“Hello, Mr Baker. I would like a cake, please. Bake it as fast as you can, because today is my baby’s first birthday. Please mark the cake with B for my dear baby," said the young mother.

The baker said he could not bake it immediately because he had lots of cake orders. The young mother was upset. But the baker promised to bake her the cake once he finished his other cake orders.

Two hours later, the cake was done. The young mother was very happy. Now her little baby could have her first birthday party. Avoid doing things at the last minute.

Moral of the story :

Avoid doing something at the last minute.

Pea Porridge

One day, an old woman found leftover pea porridge in a pot. She shook her head and thought…This pea porridge is no longer good. It is nine days old already. It would be such a waste. But some animals might like it.’

Therefore, the old woman put the pea porridge into a bowl and placed the bowl in the lawn. Not long after that, a dog came by and ate the porridge. A short while later, a rat came by to take a bite of the porridge.

In the evening, all of the pea porridge had finished. The old woman was very glad.

Moral of the story :

Do not throw away old things. Sometimes, a man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Peter Piper

In a nearby village, there was a servant called Peter Piper. One day, his master told him to pick a pack of pickled pepper from the farm. Peter Piper went off to pick the pack of pickled pepper.

After a few hours, his master called Peter Piper.

“Peter Piper is not here, master. He just went out again," said the master’s cook.

“Oh, alright. So did Peter pick the pack of pickled pepper?" asked the master.

“I think so," said the cook.

“So, where is the pack of pickled pepper that Peter picked?" asked the master. The cook scratched his head. He did not know where the pack of pickled pepper was.

Moral of the story :

Once you have finished a task, make a habit of telling someone about it to avoid misunderstanding.

Peter Piper :


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