pneum, pneuma & pneumon

ROOT-WORDS are PNEUMON & PNEUMA which come from the Greek pnea, sometimes spelled pnoea and pnein, and is concerned with BREATH which is air through the lungs. There is no life without BREATH.

1. Pneumatic : PNEUMA tic (nue mat’ ik) adj.

Pertaining to air, wind, or other gases

2. Pneumatics : PNEUMA tics (nue mat’ iks) n.

That branch of physics which treats of air and other gases

3. Pneumatogram : PNEUMA (togram (nue’ ma to gram) n.

Tracing of respiratory movements

4. Pneumatometer : PNEUMA tometer (nue ma tom’ et er) n.

An instrument for measuring the force exerted by the lungs in breathing

5. Pneumatoscope : PNEUMA toscope (nue ma’ ta skope) n.

An instrument for finding abnormal matter in the mastoid

6. Pneumatosis : PNEUMA tosis (nue ma toe’ sis) n.

An abnormal amount of gas or air in the body; flatulence

7. Pneumectomy : PNEUM ectomy (nue mek’ to mee) n.

The removal of part of a lung

8. Pneumonia : PNEUMON ia (nue moe’ nya) n.

A disease of the lungs

9. Pneumatology : PNEUMA tology (nue ma tol’ o jee) n.

The study of pneumatics

10. Pneumonoconiosis: PNEUMO coniosis (nue mo ko ni o’ sis) n.

A disease of the lungs due to inhaling mineral dust

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