ROOT-WORD is PORTION which means PART & SHARE. That part is simple enough. We all know what a PORTION of pie is. But in the variations of the word there is often a bit of trouble. Read the list carefully; notice the change in meaning as each ROOT is added. Read the meanings carefully. Then you will be able to use this word correctly. It is a fine word when understood and carefully used.

1. Portion : PORTION (por’ shun) n.

A part; a share; as, a portion of pie

2. Portion : PORTION (por’ shun) v.

To divide into parts; as, portion off a piece of land

3. Portionable : PORTION able (por’ shun a b’l) adj.

Can be divided

4. Portioner : PORTION er (por’ shun er) n.

The one who divides

5. Portionless : PORTION less (por’ shun les) adj.

Without a portion; without a dowry

6. Apportion : ap PORTION (ap por’ shun) v.

To give out a portion to each one

7. Apportionable : ap PORTION able (a por’ shun a b’l) adj.

Can be apportioned; as, the estate is apportionable

8. Apportionment : ap PORTION ment (ap por’shun ment) n.

The act of the division; the act of giving to each one his portion

9. Proportion : pro PORTION (pro por’ shun) n.

The relation of one share to others

10. Proportionately : pro PORTION ately (pro por’ shun ate) adj.

Being in proportion; as results proportionate to efforts

11. Proportionately : pro PORTION ately (pro por’ shun ate lee) adv.

Being in proper measure

12. Proportionateness: pro PORTION ateness(pro por’ shun at nes) n.

State of proper portion

13. Proportional : pro PORTION al (pro por’ shun) adj.

Divided into the right proportion

14. Proportionalism : pro PORTION alism(pro por’ shun zl iz um) n.

The principle of electing officers in proportion to population

15. Proportionality : pro PORTION ality(pro por shu nal’ it ee) n.

Quality of being proportional

16. Disproportion : dispro PORTION (dis pro por’ shun) adj.

Not in proportion; not suitable

17. Disproportionate: dispro PORTION ate (dis pro por’ shun at) adj.

Not fairly apportioned

18. Disproportionately: dispro PORTION ately (dis pro por’ shun at lee) adv.

Not fairly divided

19. Proportioned : pro PORTION ed (pro por’ shund) adj.

Divided fairly; suitable; as the punishment was proportioned to the crime

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