Prepositions of Movement

Prepositions of Movement :

TO , TOWARD and TOWARDS are used as Prepositions of Movement.

TO is used in order to express movements towards a place.

1. They were driving
to work together.
2. She is going
to the dentist’s office, this morning.
3. We are going
to a movie today evening.
4. Where are you walking
to ?

TOWARD and TOWARDS are also helpful prepositions to express movements. They are variant spellings of the same word. They can be used interchangeably according to the context.

1. We are moving
toward the light.
2. The project is progreesing
towards the expected result.
3. This is a big step
towards the completion of the project.

NOTE : Prepositions are NOT usedf with words such as home, downtown, uptown, inside, outside, downstairs and upstairs.

1. My father went
upstairs .
2. We went
home last night.
3. My sister is
upstairs .
4. There is a shop
downtown .

Prepositions of Movement :

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