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Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense :

  1. He is accepting the offer.
  2. He is advising her.
  3. He is aiming high.
  4. He is altering the plan.
  5. He is approaching softly.
  6. He is capturing the enemy.
  7. He is catching the ball.
  8. He is cleaning the room.
  9. He is confirming the face.
  10. He is deciding the solution.
  11. He is drinking water.
  12. He is earning money.
  13. He is excelling at skill.
  14. He is facing the problem.
  15. He is flashing the photo.
  16. He is forgetting the matter.
  17. He is struggling a lot.
  18. He is trading skillfully.

  19. I am accepting the job.
  20. I am advising you.
  21. I am applying for a job.
  22. I am changing the plan.
  23. I am collecting fund.
  24. I am deserting you.
  25. I am disliking enemies.
  26. I am earning fame.
  27. I am following her.
  28. I am forgiving you.
  29. I am struggling a lot.
  30. I am trading skillfully.

  31. She is accepting the money.
  32. She is admitting her mistake.
  33. She is advising him.
  34. She is aiming high.
  35. She is applying for a job.
  36. She is banning the worry.
  37. She is becoming a nurse.
  38. She is carrying a basket.
  39. She is changing the plan.
  40. She is collecting stamps.
  41. She is correcting her face.
  42. She is deserting him.
  43. She is disliking T.V.
  44. She is escaping from the house.
  45. She is explaining the sum.
  46. She is fighting well.
  47. She is following him.
  48. She is forgiving him.
  49. She is struggling a lot.
  50. She is trading skillfully.

  51. They are admitting their mistake.
  52. They are aiming high.
  53. They are altering the plan.
  54. They are approaching nicely.
  55. They are banning talking.
  56. They are becoming children.
  57. They are capturing the enemy.
  58. They are carrying a purse.
  59. They are catching the ball.
  60. They are cleaning the street.
  61. They are confirming the face.
  62. They are correcting us.
  63. They are deciding the solution.
  64. They are deserting us.
  65. They are drinking water.
  66. They are excelling at skill.
  67. They are facing the problem.
  68. They are fighting well.
  69. They are flashing the photo.
  70. They are following us.
  71. They are forgetting the plan.
  72. They are struggling a lot.
  73. They are trading skillfully.

  74. We are altering the plan.
  75. We are approaching kindly.
  76. We are banning jogging.
  77. We are becoming couple.
  78. We are capturing the enemy.
  79. We are carrying a table.
  80. We are catching the ball.
  81. We are changing the plan.
  82. We are cleaning the ground.
  83. We are confirming the face.
  84. We are correcting them.
  85. We are deciding the solution.
  86. We are disliking every thing.
  87. We are drinking liquor.
  88. We are earning money.
  89. We are escaping from the house.
  90. We are excelling at skill.
  91. We are explaining matter.
  92. We are facing the problem.
  93. We are flashing the photo.
  94. We are forgetting the plan.
  95. We are forgiving them.
  96. We are struggling a lot.
  97. We are trading skillfully.

  98. You are admitting your mistake.
  99. You are applying for a job.
  100. You are collecting books.
  101. You are escaping from the house.
  102. You are explaining the poem.
  103. You are fighting well.
  104. You are struggling a lot.
  105. You are trading skillfully.

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