Present Continuous Tense Sentences

Present Continuous Tense Sentences :

  1. He is agreeing with me.
  2. He is allowing me.
  3. He is answering me.
  4. He is arriving here.
  5. He is asking help.
  6. He is calling me.
  7. He is canceling the order.
  8. He is carrying a bag.
  9. He is changing himself.
  10. He is completing the work.
  11. He is cooking food.
  12. He is departing at 9 am.
  13. He is entering the house.
  14. He is helping me.
  15. He is knowing about me.
  16. He is putting a glass.

  17. I am agreeing with you.
  18. I am allowing her.
  19. I am answering the question.
  20. I am arriving at 9 pm.
  21. I am asking book.
  22. I am calling you.
  23. I am canceling the order.
  24. I am carrying a suitcase.
  25. I am changing myself.
  26. I am completing the subject.
  27. I am cooking well.
  28. I am departing at 2 pm.
  29. I am entering the library.
  30. I am helping you.
  31. I am knowing about her.
  32. I am putting a shirt.

  33. She is agreeing with him.
  34. She is allowing him.
  35. She is answering quickly.
  36. She is arriving there.
  37. She is asking money.
  38. She is calling him.
  39. She is canceling the order.
  40. She is carrying a basket.
  41. She is changing herself.
  42. She is completing the project.
  43. She is cooking fried rice.
  44. She is departing at 7 pm.
  45. She is entering the bed room.
  46. She is helping him.
  47. She is knowing about you.
  48. She is putting a cup.

  49. They are agreeing with us.
  50. They are allowing it.
  51. They are answering us.
  52. They are arriving now.
  53. They are asking pass.
  54. They are calling him.
  55. They are canceling the order.
  56. They are carrying a table.
  57. They are changing themselves.
  58. They are completing the course.
  59. They are cooking in the vessel.
  60. They are departing at 10 pm.
  61. They are entering the zoo.
  62. They are helping us.
  63. They are knowing us.
  64. They are putting a kettle.

  65. We are agreeing with it.
  66. We are allowing them.
  67. We are answering her.
  68. We are arriving in the evening.
  69. We are asking food.
  70. We are calling you.
  71. We are canceling the order.
  72. We are carrying a chair.
  73. We are changing ourselves.
  74. We are completing the typing.
  75. We are cooking in the kitchen.
  76. We are departing at 1 am.
  77. We are entering the temple.
  78. We are helping you.
  79. We are knowing French.
  80. We are putting a cot.

  81. You are agreeing with them.
  82. You are allowing us.
  83. You are answering him.
  84. You are arriving in the morning.
  85. You are asking purse.
  86. You are calling them.
  87. You are canceling the order.
  88. You are carrying a phone.
  89. You are changing yourself.
  90. You are completing the job.
  91. You are cooking in the stove.
  92. You are departing at 3 pm.
  93. You are entering the hall.
  94. You are helping me.
  95. You are knowing Hindi.
  96. You are putting a sofa.

Present Continuous Tense Sentences :

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