Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense :

It is used to express an action going on at the time of speaking. This is tense is used for ….

action going on now

She is living with her aunt.
The children are going to school.
My mother is talking with me.

future plan

I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow.
She is giving a party next Sunday.
They are going to museum.

continuous action

My father is working in Indian Bank.
The problem is getting more and more complicated.
The students are writing the exam.

Examples :

1. Sahana is reading a novel.
2. I am preparing for IAS Exam.
3. He is trying his best.
4. The teachers are teaching well.
5. They are traveling to Bangalore.
6. She is going to be married next month.
7. My uncle is going to Chennai tomorrow.
8. My brother is coming from London next Monday.
9. I am going to see him this evening.
10. He is working in the garden now.
11. My father is reading newspaper still.
12. The children are playing games at this moment.
13. The boys are watching a cricket match at present.
14. They arc playing cricket at present.
15. We are coming there.

Word / phrases which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences

At present
At this moment / time
Any longer
Still now
Even now
Any more

Examples :

Now we are walking along the 7th Avenue of Anna Nager.
He is speaking over phone at present.
They are speaking with the boy at this moment.
We are not discussing the matter any longer.
Still the Doctor is performing operation on the patient.
Still now my aunt is having a doubt your integrity.
Even now the problem is getting complicated.

Few more sentences in this tense form.

I am eating a mango.
I am going to the cinema.
I am working in the post office.
I am playing the violin.
I am expecting my examination result.

We are staying in a hotel.
We are going to Goa Beach.
We are learning French.
We are sitting on the ground.
We are speaking Tamil.

You are lying on the bed.
You are going to town now.
You are arriving today.
You are checking the accounts.
You are using your power.

They are giving a party next Sunday.
They are going of the office everyday.
They are waiting for the bus.
They are speaking in the meeting.
They are doing homework.

He is working in the office.
He is reading a novel.
He is selling the books.
He is returning from Chennai.
He is spending for his friends.

She is building her own house.
She is insulting me.
She is writing a letter.
She is sleeping from 3 o'clock.
She is collecting very different stamps.

It is jumping on the well.
It is showing the picture.
It is running on the wall.
It is living in the forest.
It is expecting for another one.

Present Continuous Tense :

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