Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense :

  1. He has accepted the offer.
  2. He has advised her.
  3. He has aimed high.
  4. He has altered the plan.
  5. He has approached softly.
  6. He has captured the enemy.
  7. He has caught the ball.
  8. He has cleaned the room.
  9. He has confirmed the face.
  10. He has decided the solution.
  11. He has drank water.
  12. He has earned money.
  13. He has excelled at skill.
  14. He has faced the problem.
  15. He has flashed the photo.
  16. He has forgot the matter.
  17. He has struggled a lot.
  18. He has traded skillfully.

  19. I have accepted the job.
  20. I have advised you.
  21. I have applied for a job.
  22. I have changed the plan.
  23. I have collected fund.
  24. I have deserted you.
  25. I have disliked enemies.
  26. I have earned fame.
  27. I have followed her.
  28. I have forgave you.
  29. I have struggled a lot.
  30. I have traded skillfully.

  31. She has accepted the money.
  32. She has admitted her mistake.
  33. She has advised him.
  34. She has aimed high.
  35. She has applied for a job.
  36. She has banned the worry.
  37. She has became a nurse.
  38. She has carried a basket.
  39. She has changed the plan.
  40. She has collected stamps.
  41. She has corrected her face.
  42. She has deserted him.
  43. She has disliked T.V.
  44. She has escaped from the house.
  45. She has explained the sum.
  46. She has followed him.
  47. She has forgave him.
  48. She has fought well.
  49. She has struggled a lot.
  50. She has traded skillfully.

  51. They have admitted their mistake.
  52. They have aimed high.
  53. They have altered the plan.
  54. They have approached nicely.
  55. They have banned talking.
  56. They have became children.
  57. They have captured the enemy.
  58. They have carried a purse.
  59. They have caught the ball.
  60. They have cleaned the street.
  61. They have confirmed the face.
  62. They have corrected us.
  63. They have decided the solution.
  64. They have deserted us.
  65. They have drank water.
  66. They have excelled at skill.
  67. They have faced the problem.
  68. They have flashed the photo.
  69. They have followed us.
  70. They have fought well.
  71. They have struggled a lot.
  72. They have traded skillfully.
  73. They have forgot the plan.

  74. We have altered the plan.
  75. We have approached kindly.
  76. We have banned jogging.
  77. We have became couple.
  78. We have captured the enemy.
  79. We have carried a table.
  80. We have caught the ball.
  81. We have changed the plan.
  82. We have cleaned the ground.
  83. We have confirmed the face.
  84. We have corrected them.
  85. We have decided the solution.
  86. We have disliked every thing.
  87. We have drank liquor.
  88. We have earned money.
  89. We have escaped from the house.
  90. We have excelled at skill.
  91. We have explained matter.
  92. We have faced the problem.
  93. We have flashed the photo.
  94. We have forgave them.
  95. We have forgot the plan.
  96. We have struggled a lot.
  97. We have traded skillfully.

  98. You have admitted your mistake.
  99. You have applied for a job.
  100. You have collected books.
  101. You have escaped from the house.
  102. You have explained the poem.
  103. You have fought well.
  104. You have struggled a lot.
  105. You have traded skillfully.

Present Perfect Tense :


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