Present Tense English Grammar

Present Tense English Grammar :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. Cows are grazing.
  2. Fox howls.
  3. Gold glisters.
  4. Grip it tightly.
  5. Handle it carefully.
  6. He frightens me.
  7. He furnished the jewel.
  8. He gambles.
  9. He graduated me.
  10. He greets all.
  11. He hanged himself.
  12. He highlights the matter.
  13. He hurried.
  14. He indicated my error.
  15. He initiated the matter.
  16. He injured my eyes.
  17. He insists me.
  18. He intimates the news.
  19. He judged him.
  20. He knelt down.
  21. He lacks.
  22. Hear my advice.
  23. I can guess.
  24. I found the thing.
  25. I fulfill his wish.
  26. I halted at an inn.
  27. I heat the room.
  28. I help you.
  29. I honored him.
  30. I hope for the best.
  31. I installed the software.
  32. I insured.
  33. I know you.
  34. I should improve.
  35. Implement it.
  36. Leak the matter.
  37. Marconi invented the radio.
  38. Mother fries vegetables.
  39. My wife grinds the flour.
  40. She gifts me a pen.
  41. She gossips.
  42. She hates me.
  43. She hides my watch.
  44. She holes there.
  45. She includes my name.
  46. She insulted me.
  47. She ironed my shirt.
  48. The boy kicked the ball.
  49. The light glares.
  50. The old man gasped.
  51. The plane landed.
  52. The police inquired him.
  53. They kidnapped him.
  54. We gathered.
  55. We wrote a letter to our Principal.

    Negative Form :

  56. Cows are not grazing.
  57. Don't handle it carefully.
  58. Don't hear my advice.
  59. Don't implement it.
  60. Don't leak the matter.
  61. Fox does not howl.
  62. Gold does not glister.
  63. He did not furnish the Jewel.
  64. He did not graduate me.
  65. He did not hurry.
  66. He did not judge him.
  67. He did not kneel down.
  68. He did not lack.
  69. He does not frighten me.
  70. He does not gamble.
  71. He does not greet all.
  72. He does not highlight the matter.
  73. He does not initiate the matter.
  74. He did not injure my eyes.
  75. He does not intimate the news.
  76. Marconi did not invent the radio.
  77. She did not iron my shirt.
  78. I can't guess.
  79. I did not find the thing.
  80. I did not halt at an inn.
  81. I did not honor him.
  82. I did not install the software.
  83. I did not insure.
  84. I do not fulfill his wish.
  85. I do not heat the room.
  86. I do not help you.
  87. I do not hope for the best.
  88. I don't know you.
  89. I le did not hang himself.
  90. I should not improve.
  91. Mother does not fry vegetables.
  92. My wife does not grind the flour.
  93. Don't grip it tightly.
  94. She did not insult me.
  95. She does not gift a pen.
  96. She does not gossip.
  97. She does not hate me.
  98. She does not hide my watch.
  99. She does not hole there.
  100. She does not include my name.
  101. He did not indicate my error.
  102. The boy did not kick the ball.
  103. They did not kidnap him.
  104. The light does not glare.
  105. The old man did not gasp.
  106. The plane did not land.
  107. The police did not inquire him.
  108. He does not insist me.
  109. We did not gather.

  110. Question Form : Interrogatory Form

  111. Are cows grazing?
  112. Can you guess?
  113. Did 1 halt at an inn?
  114. Did he furnish the jewel?
  115. Did he graduate you?
  116. Did he hang himself?
  117. Did he hurry?
  118. Did he judge him?
  119. Did he kneel down?
  120. Did I install software?
  121. Did she insult you?
  122. Did the boy kick the ball?
  123. Did the old man gasp?
  124. Did the plane land?
  125. Did the police inquire him?
  126. Does he insist you?
  127. Did you find the thing?
  128. Did you gather?
  129. Did you honor him?
  130. Did you insure?
  131. Do they kidnap him?
  132. Do you handle carefully?
  133. Do you hear my advice?
  134. Do you heat the room?
  135. Do you help me?
  136. Do you hope for the best?
  137. Do you implement it?
  138. Do you know me?
  139. Does fox howl?
  140. Does gold glister?
  141. Does he frighten me?
  142. Does he gamble?
  143. Does he greet all?
  144. Does he highlight the matter?
  145. Does he initiate the matter?
  146. Did he injure your eyes?
  147. Does he intimate the news?
  148. Did Marconi invent the radio?
  149. Did she iron my shirt?
  150. Does he lack?
  151. Does she gift you a pen?
  152. Does she gossip?
  153. Does she hate me?
  154. Does she hide my watch?
  155. Does she hole there?
  156. Does she include my name?
  157. Did he indicate his error?
  158. Does the light glare?
  159. Does the mother fry the vegetables?
  160. Do you fulfill my wish?
  161. Does your wife grind the flour?
  162. Do you grip it tightly?
  163. Should I improve?
  164. Will you leak the matter?

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