Present Tense Worksheets

Present Tense Worksheets :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. Be quite.
  2. He practiced well.
  3. He prefaces.
  4. He presented the watch.
  5. He prizes it high.
  6. He pronounced verdicts.
  7. He proved his skill.
  8. He provides the effort.
  9. He puzzled me.
  10. He reasoned.
  11. He refills the water.
  12. He refunded the money.
  13. He required help.
  14. He resigned his job.
  15. He respects me.
  16. He was released.
  17. He was relieved.
  18. I can recall.
  19. I poll my vote.
  20. I proposed my love.
  21. I punctuated.
  22. I reached school.
  23. I read a poem.
  24. I realized the mistake.
  25. I received a letter.
  26. I reject the offer.
  27. I remain calm.
  28. I remit the money.
  29. I request him.
  30. I reserve the tickets.
  31. It results good.
  32. Please retain him.
  33. Pluck the flower.
  34. Recollect the past.
  35. Relax yourself.
  36. Remind me.
  37. She points out the error.
  38. She pours the water.
  39. She prepares coffee.
  40. She promised me.
  41. She pushes me.
  42. She rated it high.
  43. She rectifies the mistake.
  44. She repaid the money.
  45. She replaced me.
  46. They pledge an oath.
  47. They polluted the air.
  48. They prevented.
  49. They questioned me.
  50. They rank the student.
  51. They rejoined.
  52. They repeated the mistake.
  53. They resume the work.
  54. We purchased a house.

    Negative Form :

  55. Don't be quite.
  56. Don't pluck the flower.
  57. Don't recollect the past.
  58. Don't relax yourself.
  59. Don't remind me.
  60. Don't retain him.
  61. He did not practice well.
  62. He did not present the watch.
  63. He did not pronounce Verdicts.
  64. He did not prove his skill.
  65. He did not puzzle me.
  66. He did not reason.
  67. He did not refill the water.
  68. He did not refund the money.
  69. He did not require help.
  70. He did not resign his job.
  71. He does not preface.
  72. He does not prize it.
  73. He does not provide the effort.
  74. He does not respect me.
  75. He was not released.
  76. He was not relieved.
  77. I can't recall.
  78. I did not propose my love.
  79. I did not punctuate.
  80. I did not reach the school.
  81. I did not realize the mistake.
  82. I did not receive a letter.
  83. I do not poll my vote.
  84. I do not read a poem.
  85. I do not reject the offer.
  86. I do not remain calm.
  87. I do not request him.
  88. I do not reserve the ticket.
  89. I don't remit the money.
  90. It does not result good.
  91. She did not promise me.
  92. She did not rate it high.
  93. She did not repay the money.
  94. She did not replace me.
  95. She does not point out the error.
  96. She does not pour the water.
  97. She does not prepare coffee.
  98. She does not push me.
  99. She does not rectify the mistake.
  100. They did not pledge an oath.
  101. They did not pollute the air.
  102. They did not prevent.
  103. They did not question me.
  104. They did not rejoin.
  105. They did not repeat the Mistake.
  106. They do not rank the student.
  107. They do not resume the work.
  108. We did not purchase a house.

    Question Form :

  109. Can you recall?
  110. Did he pronounce verdicts?
  111. Did he prove his skill?
  112. Did he puzzle me?
  113. Did he reason?
  114. Did he refill the water?
  115. Did he refund the money?
  116. Did he resign his job?
  117. Did he you require help?
  118. Did she promise you?
  119. Did she rate it high?
  120. Did she repay the money?
  121. Did she replace you?
  122. Did they pledge an oath?
  123. Did they pollute the air?
  124. Did they prevent?
  125. Did they question me?
  126. Did they rejoin?
  127. Did they repeat the mistake?
  128. Did you practice well?
  129. Did you present the watch?
  130. Did you propose your love?
  131. Did you punctuate?
  132. Did you purchase a house?
  133. Did you reach the school?
  134. Did you realize the mistake?
  135. Did you receive a letter?
  136. Did you request him?
  137. Do they rank the students?
  138. Do they resume the work?
  139. Do you be quite?
  140. Do you pluck the flower?
  141. Do you poll your vote?
  142. Do you read a poem?
  143. Do you recollect the past?
  144. Do you reject the offer?
  145. Do you relax yourself?
  146. Do you remain calm?
  147. Do you remind me?
  148. Do you remit the money?
  149. Do you reserve tickets?
  150. Do you retain him?
  151. Does he preface?
  152. Does he price it high?
  153. Does he provide the effort?
  154. Does he respect me?
  155. Does it result good?
  156. Does she point out the error?
  157. Does she pour the water?
  158. Does she prepare coffee?
  159. Does she push you?
  160. Does she rectify the mistake?
  161. Was he released?
  162. Was he relieved?

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