Know Your Next Word : presentiment

25. presentiment :

verb :

1. a feeling or impression that something is about to happen

2. a premonition

usage :

  • He'd had a presentiment of this. Yes, he had known that this was precisely what would be said.

  • The lawyer had a presentiment that the judge would dismiss the case.

  • High ranking North Korean officers had only the barest presentiment of hostilities until the final orders were issued for the attack.

  • Lituma pictured the blank faces and icy narrow eyes that the people in Naccos would all turn toward him when he asked if they knew the whereabouts of this woman's husband, and he felt the same discouragement and helplessness he had experienced earlier when he tried to question them about the other men who were missing: heads shaking no, monosyllables, evasive glances, frowns, pursed lips, a presentiment of menace.

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