ROOT-WORD is the Prefix PRO which means FORWARD & FORTH. It is a very simple ROOT-WORD to learn and most convenient to use. It opens doors to a variety of things from the PROfessional who is today called a PRO, all the way back to ancient days in Rome when the meanest work was done by the lowest class citizen called a PROletarian.

1. Proceed : PRO ceed (pro sede’) v.

To go forward; advance

2. Procedure : PRO cedure (pro see’ jur) n.

Method of going toward a goal

3. Proclaim : PRO claim (pro klame’) v.

To bring before the public

4. Proclamation : PRO clamation (prok la may’ shun) n.

A notice officially declared

5. Procure : PRO cure (pro kyur’) v.

To get; to gain

6. Produce : PRO duce (pro kyur’) v.

To lead forward; as, produce a play

7. Production : PRO duction (pro duk’ shun) n.

The act of bringing forth

8. Profess : PRO fess (pro fes’) v.

To take vows; to openly admit

9. Professor : PRO fessor (pro fes’ or) n.

One who professes; a teacher of high rank in an institution of higher education

10. Profession : PRO fession (pro fesh’ un) n.

Art or skill which is the result of study and experience

11. Progress : PRO gress (prog’ res) n.

The act of going forward to a goal

12. Progressive : PRO gressive (pro gres’ iv) adj.

Causing the going forward

13. Progression : PRO gression (pro gresh’ un) n.

The orderly going forward

14. Project : PRO ject (pro jekt’) v.

To throw forward; to create a plan

15. Proliferate : PRO liferate (pro lif’ e rate) v.

To bring forth by rapid production

16. Prolific : PRO lific (pro lif’ ik) adj.

Bringing forth young or fruit

17. Promote : PRO mote (pro mote’) v.

To move forward; to advance in station

18. Prolix : PRO lix (pro liks’) adj.

Drawn out; needlessly prolonged

19. Proficient : PRO ficient (pro fish’ ent) adj.

Showing skill; adept

20. Profluent : PRO fluent (prof’ lue ent) adj.

Flowing smoothly

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