Know Your Next Word : quodlibet

5. quodlibet :

noun :

1. A subtle argument, especially on a theological or philosophical issue

2. A musical medley : a whimsical combination of popular tunes

Usage :

Someone was sending me a signal. If words are unimportant, punctuation is something even more lowly. Why worry about such quodlibets? When was the last time anyone even noticed? (Charles R. Larson : Its Academic - Or Is It? : Newsweek (New York) : Nov 6 - 1995.)

The swirling mist of sound [pianist Joanna MacGregor] made of the end of the penultimate quodlibet was almost shocking. (Rian Evans : Joanna MacGregor : St George's, Bristol : The Guardian (London, UK) : Feb 5 - 2005.)

Related Forms :

quodlibetic & quodlibetical : adjective

quodlibeticlly : adverb

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