Rain :


It was about to rain one afternoon. The sky was dark and the clouds were grey. A little boy wanted to go outside to play. He had been a good boy and stayed indoors the whole day. Therefore, he went out. But as soon as he got out, the rain started pouring. There was a heavy pour of rains.

“Rain, rain, please go away. Come again another day," said the little boy.

But the rain did not go away The little boy quickly ran back into the house. He was sad and frustrated.

Moral of the story :

Sometimes things do not always work out as we like them to be.

Ride a Cock-Horse

One fine day, a young lady wanted to go to Branbury Cross to see her sister. She was getting ready to go for a long journey. She prepared herself for this journey.

First, she saddled up her white horse. Next, she dressed up and wore rings on her fingers. Then, she tied tiny bells to her shoes so that the bells tinkled as she rode the horse. Once it was done, she climbed onto the horse and rode off.

In the evening, she reached her sister’s home. She was glad that she did not fall asleep while riding her horse. The tiny bells kept her awake and alert.

Moral of the story :

Be fully prepared for a long journey to avoid problems and disappointments. Otherwise, you will be short of the most required things. To avoid dangers, you had better go prepared.

Rock-a-bye Baby

It was a beautiful afternoon. A mother took her little baby and her older son to their garden for a picnic. Her older son carried the picnic basket while she pushed the baby in a stroller.

They found a nice spot under a big tree. Then the mother searched for a strong tree branch.

She found a strong branch and tied the cradle to it. She placed the baby inside. The cradle rocked steadily back and forth as the wind blew. The baby slept soundly.

The mother and her older son enjoyed the picnic. Later that afternoon, they packed their things and untied the cradle. After the enjoyment of this picnic, they decided to leave the picnic spot. All of them took all their things and went home feeling happy and well rested.

Moral of the story :

Sometimes simple relaxation is good for you.

Rain :



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