Reflections on Liberation

Reflections on Liberation :

Right understanding : In following this path one would not experience feelings of envy or arrogance.

Right thought or motives : Kindness towards the unenlightened brings a selfless mind set for both.

Right speech : Rebuff the urge to speak wickedly for true peace of mind.

Right action : Having a clear understanding of the fools’ mentality leads your actions opposite.

Right livelihood : Reside within free space, live within your mind, do not possess greedily.

Right effort : One must give up desires in order to gain free mind.

Right mindfulness : Untroubled solitude of the mind suppresses distractions by allowing total awareness of them.

Right meditation : When the mind is stilled such as at the occurrence of birth and death, one is truly alone and all is perceived clearly.


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Reflections on Liberation :

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