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roga & rog

ROOT-WORDS are ROGA & ROG which come from the Latin rogare meaning TO ASK & BEG. The interesting thing is that as the words accumulate, the meanings change. No. 1 is distinctly prayer; No. 2 and No. 3 begin to claim selfishly, to presume. In No. 4 and No. 5 pride enters in. In Nos. 6, 7, and 8 the dictator annuls his treaties, breaks his word. In Nos. 9, 10, and 11 jealousy and ill will enter into the words, and they have a belittling effect.

1. Rogation : ROGA tion (roe gay’ shun) n.

Pertition; prayer

2. Arrogate : at ROGA te (ar’ o gate) v.

Claim for oneself; presume

3. Arrogation : ar ROGA tion (ar o gay’ shun) n.

The act of claiming for oneself

4. Arrogant : ar ROGA nt (ar’ o gant) adj.

Proud; presuming

5. Arrogance : ar ROGA nce (ar’ o gans) n

Pride; presumption

6. Abrogate : ab ROGA te (ab’ ro gate) v.

Do away with; annual; as, abrogate a treaty

7. Abrogative : ab ROGA tive (ab’ ro gay tiv) adj.

Causing annulment

8. Abrogation : ab ROGA tion (a bro gay’ shun) n.

Annulment; cancellation

9. Derogate : de ROGA te (der’ o gate) v.

To lessen; to diminish; as, derogate the importance of an event

10. Derogative : de ROGA tive (de rog’ at iv) adj.

Tending to belittle; to derogate

11. Derogatory : de ROGA tory (de rog’ a tore e) adj.

Making a thing appear to be less important

12. Interrogate : inter ROGA te (in ter’ o gate) v.

To question formally; ask the reason

13. Interrogation : inter ROGA tion (in ter o gay’ shun) n.

Questioning; the act of questioning

14. Prerogative : pre ROGA tive (pre rog’ at iv) n.

A privilege; superiority

15. Prorogate : pro ROGA te (pror’ o gate) v.

To delay; postpone

16. Supererogatory : superer ROGA tory(sup e re rog’ a tore e) adj.

More than needed; nonessential

17. Supererogative : superer ROGA tive (su per e rog’ a tiv) adj.


18. Supererogation : superer ROGA tion (sup e rer o gay’ shun) n.

Act of performing the nonessential

19. Surrogate : sur ROGA te (sur’ o gate) n.

A substitute; as, a surrogate judge

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