New Words : school refusal

4. school refusal :

noun :

This is a condition refers to an extreme fear of attending school. The condition is particularly popular among children who stammer or have some other impediment. Child Psychologists in the West use this term as a medical term. A child displaying this condition might pretend to be sick or prefer to stay home because of the feeling of safety and security. Some children will refuse to get out of bed or waste as much time as possible while getting ready in the morning. Others will use any possible excuse to throw tantrum and avoid getting to school. Some children will even experience physical symptoms like stomachache, headache or nausea.

Many cases of
school refusal can be linked to family circumstances; for example, the recent death of a close relative or marital disharmony, which causes the child to feel anxious about separating from home.

—Julian Elliot, "Why does my daughter hate going to school?,"
The Times of London, April 17, 2003

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