Know Your Next Word : schwerpunkt

3. schwerpunkt :

noun :

1. the point of focus

2. an area of concentrated effort, especially in a military operation

Usage :

In the only arty shot, the Dalai Lama, seen in silhouette, sits at the schwerpunkt of a Mondrian-like composition.

Meir Ronnen : Happy Families? : The Jerusalem Post (Israel) : June 25 - 2004.

But is the pledge to abolish Australian Workplace Agreements a masterstroke or a blunder? That question could be the greatest contest of judgment between Beazley and Prime Minister John Howard. Should it be the schwerpunkt of Labor's attack or will it be an unproductive dilution of forces?

Terry Sweetman : Kim Finds a Sore Point : The Courier-Mail (Brisbane - Australia) : Jun 16 - 2006.

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