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Once upon a time, there was a little poor boy called Jacky. He worked at the nearby farm as a farm boy. But Jacky liked playing more than working.

Jacky’s master sold his farm to a friend who would later become Jacky’s new master.

“Where is the farm boy?" asked the new master.

“Hmm, he must have gone to play see-saw with his friend, Margery Daw," said Jacky’s old master.

“So, how much shall I pay him?" asked the new master again.

“Pay him a penny a day because he can’t work fast," said the old master.

The new master paid Jacky only low wages which barely met his needs.

Moral of the story :

Avoid playing during working or school time.

See-saw Sacradown

In a far away village, there lived a naïve young man. He wanted to go to London to find a job. He packed his things and set off.

At the end of the village, he saw a sign post. The sign post had three arrows showing three different directions. There were some letters on the arrows but he could not read. He did not know which way would take him to London. He saw a bird perching on the sign post.

“Dear bird, which is the way to London?" asked the young man. The bird put his right foot up. The young man nodded.

“So, that is the way to London," said the young man and took the road on his left.

Moral of the story :

You must be able to read in order to know where you are going.

She Sells Sea-shells

There was a poor girl called Shiela who lived by the beach. Her parents were very poor. So she decided to help her parents by selling sea-shells.

In the afternoon, Shiela went to search for sea-shells at the beach. She found many types of sea-shells. Some shells were round. Some shells were cone-shaped. She even found some strange-shaped shells.

She put up a small booth to display her sea-shells. She waited for some people to come and buy them. Later, a young lady came and bought her sea-shells to make a necklace. Then an old man came and bought her sea-shells as souvenirs for his wife. By evening, all of her sea-shells were sold off. Sheila was very happy.

Moral of the story :

Always try to find ways to help yourself and others.

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