Sentences in Past Tense

Sentences in Past Tense :

  1. He achieved a goal.
  2. He argued a lot.
  3. He arranged a tour.
  4. He believed me.
  5. He blamed me.
  6. He broke the glass.
  7. He drove the car.
  8. He enjoyed the music.
  9. He enquired me.
  10. He followed me.
  11. He granted leave.
  12. He guided me.
  13. He led me.
  14. He liked music.
  15. He omitted a question in his Chemistry Exam.
  16. He paid money.

  17. I achieved now.
  18. I argued a lot.
  19. I arranged a show of Magics.
  20. I believed you.
  21. I blamed you.
  22. I broke the ice.
  23. I drove the bike.
  24. I enjoyed the film.
  25. I enquired him.
  26. I followed them.
  27. I granted money.
  28. I guided you.
  29. I led you to your New House.
  30. I liked songs.
  31. I omitted the book.
  32. I paid money.

  33. She achieved lot.
  34. She argued a lot.
  35. She arranged a picnic.
  36. She believed him.
  37. She blamed him.
  38. She broke the cup.
  39. She drove the scooter.
  40. She enjoyed the movie with her parents and friends.
  41. She enquired at the station.
  42. She followed you.
  43. She granted permission.
  44. She guided him.
  45. She led her.
  46. She liked reading.
  47. She omitted a chapter.
  48. She paid money for her mess-bill and for her books.

  49. They achieved the reward.
  50. They argued a lot.
  51. They arranged a party.
  52. They believed us.
  53. They blamed us for the mistakes in this project.
  54. They broke the house.
  55. They drove the train.
  56. They enjoyed the excursion.
  57. They enquired us.
  58. They followed us.
  59. They granted discount of 25% on all the textile items.
  60. They guided us.
  61. They led us.
  62. They liked outing.
  63. They omitted us.
  64. They paid money.

  65. We achieved the result.
  66. We argued a lot.
  67. We arranged a function to convene all our friends.
  68. We believed them.
  69. We blamed them.
  70. We broke the door accidentally.
  71. We drove the van.
  72. We enjoyed the picnic with our parents.
  73. We enquired them.
  74. We followed her.
  75. We granted ticket.
  76. We guided them in their new construction project.
  77. We led them.
  78. We liked chatting.
  79. We omitted her.
  80. We paid money for our clothes and for our books.

  81. You achieved the best.
  82. You argued a lot.
  83. You arranged an excursion.
  84. You believed her.
  85. You blamed her.
  86. You broke the window.
  87. You drove the auto.
  88. You enjoyed the tour.
  89. You enquired me.
  90. You followed him.
  91. You granted offer.
  92. You guided me.
  93. You led me.
  94. You liked stamps.
  95. You omitted a lesson.
  96. You paid money.

Sentences in Past Tense :

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