Sentences in Present Tense

Sentences in Present Tense :

  1. He achieves a goal of making one million per month.
  2. He argues a lot with complete conviction.
  3. He arranges a tour to Kashmir and Kasi.
  4. He believes me.
  5. He blames me for all the mistakes in this project.
  6. He breaks the glass.
  7. He drives the car to Kolkata.
  8. He enjoys the music.
  9. He enquires me.
  10. He follows me to The Music Academy.
  11. He grants leave.
  12. He guides me.
  13. He leads me.
  14. He likes music.
  15. He omits a question.
  16. He pays money.

  17. I achieve now.
  18. I argue a lot.
  19. I arrange a show.
  20. I believe you.
  21. I blame you.
  22. I break the ice.
  23. I drive the bike.
  24. I enjoy the film.
  25. I enquire him.
  26. I follow them.
  27. I grant money for the project of Constructing Bridge across this river.
  28. I guide you.
  29. I lead you.
  30. I like songs.
  31. I omit the book.
  32. I pay money.

  33. She achieves lot.
  34. She argues a lot.
  35. She arranges a picnic.
  36. She believes him.
  37. She blames him.
  38. She breaks the cup.
  39. She drives the scooter.
  40. She enjoys the movie with her friends and parents.
  41. She enquires at the station.
  42. She follows you.
  43. She grants permission.
  44. She guides him.
  45. She leads her.
  46. She Likes reading.
  47. She omits a chapter so that she will concentrate on other chapters.
  48. She pays money.

  49. They achieve the reward.
  50. They argue a lot.
  51. They arrange a party.
  52. They believe us.
  53. They blame us.
  54. They break the house.
  55. They drive the train.
  56. They enjoy the excursion.
  57. They enquire us.
  58. They follow us.
  59. They grant discount.
  60. They guide us.
  61. They lead us.
  62. They like outing.
  63. They omit us.
  64. They pay money.

  65. We achieve the result.
  66. We argue a lot.
  67. We arrange a function.
  68. We believe them.
  69. We blame them.
  70. We break the door.
  71. We drive the van.
  72. We enjoy the picnic.
  73. We enquire them.
  74. We follow her.
  75. We grant ticket.
  76. We guide them.
  77. We lead them.
  78. We Like chatting.
  79. We omit her.
  80. We pay money.

  81. You achieve the best.
  82. You argue a lot.
  83. You arrange an excursion.
  84. You believe her.
  85. You blame her.
  86. You break the window.
  87. You drive the auto.
  88. You enjoy the tour.
  89. You enquire me.
  90. You follow him.
  91. You grant offer.
  92. You guide me in my Chemistry Project.
  93. You lead me.
  94. You like stamps for its historical value.
  95. You omit a lesson.
  96. You pay money.

Sentences in Present Tense :

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