Sentences with Adjectives

Sentences with Adjectives :

An owl
The moon
A rocket
The Missouri River
An Apron
A mango
The sun
An animal
A page
An eagle
A computer
A baby

There is a rainbow in the sky.
Who is a man outside the gate?
The doctor gave Jane an injection.
Paul opened the door to let the dog in.
Mark is an only child in the family.
What’s the largest animal in the world?
There’s a nest in the tree.
Sue is writing a letter to her grandfather.
Jack has abrother and a sister.
We reached the top of the hill in two hours.

Come and look at these insects.
Stop that man!
I was in fifth grade last year. I am in sixth grade this year.
Bring those chairs here.
This ice cream is delicious.
Can you see those stars in the sky?

This house has five bedrooms.
Who is that man?
This is our school.
These are wild animals.
That is right.
What’s that noise?
These books are Jane’s.
Those books belong to me.
These are donkeys.
Those are horses.

Is this Jane’s dog? Yes, this is his dog.
The dog is chasing its own tail.
Peter, is your father at home?
Rudy is showing her stamps to Ali.
I am going to our aunt’s house this evening.
We always keep our classroom clean.
Children, have you all finished your homework?
The children are proud of their school.

What kind of animal is that?
Which runner is the winner?
What is the matter?
Whose desk is this?
Which handphone is ringing?
What is your name?
Which twin is taller?
Which hand is holding the pebble?

Sentences with Adjectives :

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