New Words : shouting head

5. shouting head :

noun :

A loud and aggressive person, particularly one who is a television pundit or commentator, is termed shouting head. In India, a television is known to hector secular guests who belong to the other side of the saffron divide.

This phrase is the loudmouth version of a talking head, a person, such as a newscaster or pundit, talking on television while shown in a close-up shot, an epithet that entered the language around 1976.

Example Citations :

We have the media disclosing, in short order, that the woman in the Bryant case overdosed on drugs in May and three months earlier was hospitalized when authorities deemed her a danger to herself.

And that's before we get to the hordes of reporters staking out the woman's home, the National Enquirer dangling big bucks, and the lawyers, former prosecutors, sports agents and other
shouting heads who are boosting the case to O.J. decibel levels.

—Howard Kurtz : Naming names :
The Chicago Tribune : July 29, 2003

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