show the flag

show the flag

(of a naval vessel) make an official visit to a foreign port, especially as a show of strength.


fly the flag

(of a ship) be registered to a particular country and sail under its flag.

represent or demonstrate support for your country, political party or organization especially when you are abroad.

The forms
show the flag, carry the flag and wave the flag are also found.

1996 – Hello! - She flew the flag for British tennis in the Eighties.

keep the flag flying

represent your country or organization, especially when abroad.

show continued commitment to something, especially in the face of adversity.

This expression comes from the practice in naval warfare of lowering the flag on a defeated ship to signify a wish to surrender.

put the flags out

celebrate publicly.

wrap yourself in the flag

make an excessive show of your patriotism, especially for political ends - chiefly North American

1993 - Globe & Mail (Canada) - For a politician at election time, wrapping oneself in the Canadian flag is a reflex action as irresistible as bussing a baby.

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