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ROOT-WORDS are SIGN & SIGNI which come from the Latin signum which means SIGN, MARK & SEAL. It leads to one of the most important, most personal matters which concerns the human being - his SIGNature. It is so important, so SIGNIficant, even more than the person himself without the signature. The bank will not pay you on your face, but it will pay on your SIGNature.

1. Sign : SIGN (sine) v.

To affix a mark, or a seal, or a name; as, sign a will

2. Signable : SIGN able (sine’ a b’l) adj.

Can be signed

3. Signal : SIGN al (sig’ nal) n.

A gesture to call attention

4. Signaler : SIGN aler (sig’ nal) n.

One who signals

5. Signalist : SIGN alist (sig’ nal ist) n.

A signaler

6. Signalize : SIGN alize (sig’ nal ize) v.

To markl; to make known; to point out

7. Signate : SIGN ate (sig’ nate) adj.

Pointed out; distinguished; designated

8. Signation : SIGN ation (sig nay’ shun) n.

Act of signing

9. Singatory : SIGN atory (sig’ na tore ee) n.

One who signs with another in a joint agreement; as, signatory to a peace pact

10. Signature : SIGN ature (sig’ na chur) n.

The name of a person written in his own handwriting

11. Signet : SIGN et (sig’ net) n.

Sign or seal expressing authority; a signet ring

12. Signify : SIGN ify (sig’ nif fie) n.

To show; to make evident; as, signify agreement

13. Significant : SIGN ificant (sig nif’ i kant) adj.

Showing full importance; expressive

14. Significance : SIGN ificance (sig nif’ i kans) n.

Value; importance

15. Insignificant : in SIGN ificant (in sig nif’ i kant) adj.

Having no importance

16. Significantly : SIGN ificantly (sig nif’ i kant lee) adv.


17. Design : de SIGN (de zine’) n.

A plan of something to be done; intention

18. Designation : de SIGN ation (dez ig nay’ shun) n.

Selection; appointment for an aim

19. Designated : design ated (dez’ ig na ted) adj.

Selected; as, for high honors

20. Insignia : in SIGN ia (in sig’ nee a) n.

Distinguishing marks; as, insignia of authority

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