ROOT-WORD is SILIC which comes from the Latin silex & slicis meaning FLINT . Silica, silicam, silicon -all mean practically the same thing. To the chemist there are distinctions to be sure, but to the layman they all mean that flinty combination. No. 10 is the disease which is caused by breathing into the lungs air which contains dust particles from stone-cutting and mining. You have seen drilling in the streets. Dangerous work.

1. Silicon : SILIC on (sil’ i kon) n.

A nonmetallic element found in the earth’s curst

2. Silica : SILIC a (sil’ i ka) n.

Silicon dioxide

3. Silicam : SILIC am (sil’ i kam) n.

A compound of silicon

4. Silicate : SILIC ate (sil’ i kate) v.

To combine with silica

5. Siliceous : SILIC eous (si lish’ us) adj.

Containing silica

6. Silicic : SILIC ic (si lis’ ik) adj.

Designating a compound of silica

7. Siliciferous : SILIC iferous (sil i sif’ e rus) adj.

Producing, containing, or uniting with silica

8. Silicify : SILIC ify (si lis’ i fie) v.

To impregnate with silica

9. Silicification : SILIC ification (si lis i fi kay’ shun) n.

The process of silicifying

10. Silicosis : SILIC osis (sil i koe’ sis) n.

A disease prevalent among miners and stone cutters who breathe much dust

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