Simple Present Tense Exercises

Simple Present Tense Exercises :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. Birds flew away.
  2. Despatch the letter.
  3. Enroll my name.
  4. Finalize the decision.
  5. Form the rules.
  6. He despaired.
  7. He disturbs me.
  8. He dreams a lot.
  9. He drinks.
  10. He drops the coin.
  11. He edited the article.
  12. He elaborates the poem.
  13. He emptied the glass.
  14. He enlarges the photo.
  15. He enquires.
  16. He equals me.
  17. He examined them.
  18. He extended his house.
  19. He failed in the test.
  20. He feels happy.
  21. He filtered the water.
  22. He finished the letter.
  23. He flouts me.
  24. He fooled me.
  25. He forecasts the weather.
  26. He is much experienced.
  27. I determined.
  28. I disposed the wastages.
  29. I dwell in my house.
  30. I esteem you high.
  31. I expect a profit.
  32. I feared.
  33. I foresee your arrival.
  34. I found it.
  35. I was disqualified.
  36. I was employed.
  37. India exports wheat.
  38. It affects high.
  39. It ends happily.
  40. It is fit to me.
  41. Mother feeds the baby.
  42. My wife echoed.
  43. She doubts me.
  44. She dried the chips.
  45. She educates me.
  46. She exposed the secret.
  47. She falls down.
  48. She foregoes.
  49. The police fine me.
  50. The rule is exempted.
  51. The terrorist encounters me.
  52. They draw a picture.
  53. We exchanged.

    Negative Form :

  54. Birds did not fly away.
  55. Don't despatch the letter.
  56. Don't enroll my name.
  57. Don't finalize the decision.
  58. Don't form the rules.
  59. He did not despair.
  60. He did not edit the article.
  61. He did not empty the glass.
  62. He did not examine them.
  63. He did not fail in the test.
  64. He did not filter the water.
  65. He did not fool me.
  66. He does not disturb me.
  67. He does not dream a lot.
  68. He does not drink.
  69. He does not drop the coin.
  70. He does not elaborate the poem.
  71. He does not enlarge the photo.
  72. He does not enquire.
  73. He does not equal me.
  74. He does not extend his house.
  75. He does not feel happy.
  76. He does not finish the letter.
  77. He does not flout me.
  78. He does not forecasts the weather.
  79. He is not much experienced.
  80. I did not determine.
  81. I did not dispose the wastage.
  82. I did not fear.
  83. I did not find it.
  84. I do not dwell in my house.
  85. I do not esteem you high.
  86. I do not expect a profit.
  87. I do not foresee your arrival.
  88. I was not disqualified.
  89. I was not employed.
  90. India does not export wheat.
  91. It does not affect high.
  92. It does not end happily.
  93. It is not fit to me.
  94. Mother does not feed the baby.
  95. My wife did not echo.
  96. She did not expose the secret.
  97. She does not doubt me.
  98. She does not dry the chips.
  99. She does not educate me.
  100. She does not fall down.
  101. She does not forego.
  102. The police did not fine me.
  103. The rule is not exempted.
  104. The terrorist does not encounter me.
  105. They did not draw a picture.
  106. We did not exchange.

    Question Form :

  107. Did birds fly?
  108. Did he despair?
  109. Did he edit the article?
  110. Did he empty the glass?
  111. Did he examine them?
  112. Did he fail in the test?
  113. Did he filter the water?
  114. Did he fool me?
  115. Did not police fine me?
  116. Did she expose the secret?
  117. Did we exchange?
  118. Did you determine?
  119. Did you dispose the wastages?
  120. Did you fear?
  121. Did you finalize the decision?
  122. Did you find it?
  123. Did your wife echo?
  124. Do I fore see your arrival?
  125. Do they draw a picture?
  126. Do you despatch the letter?
  127. Do you dwell in your house?
  128. Do you enroll your name?
  129. Do you esteem me high?
  130. Do you expect profit?
  131. Do you form the rules?
  132. Does he disturb you?
  133. Does he dream a lot?
  134. Does he drink?
  135. Does he drop the coin?
  136. Does he elaborate the poem?
  137. Does he enlarge the photo?
  138. Does he enquire?
  139. Does he equal you?
  140. Does he extend his house?
  141. Does he feel happy?
  142. Does he finish the letter?
  143. Does he flout you?
  144. Does he forecast the weather?
  145. Does India export wheat?
  146. Does it affect high?
  147. Does it end happily?
  148. Does mother feed the baby?
  149. Does she doubt you?
  150. Does she dry the chips?
  151. Does she educate me?
  152. Does she fall down?
  153. Does she forego?
  154. Does the terrorist encounter you?
  155. Is he much experienced?
  156. Is it fit to me?
  157. Is the rule exempted?
  158. Was I disqualified?
  159. Were you employed?

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