Simple Present Tense Worksheet

Simple Present Tense Worksheet :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. He ran fast.
  2. He retired.
  3. He roasted the pig.
  4. He ruled well.
  5. He rushed to the hospital.
  6. He sealed it.
  7. He signed the cheque.
  8. He simplifies the problem.
  9. He smokes.
  10. He snatched the chain.
  11. He spins the yam.
  12. He sponsored me.
  13. He stepped.
  14. He stole the bread.
  15. He substituted me.
  16. He succeeded.
  17. He summarized the passage.
  18. He supplies food.
  19. He supported me.
  20. He surveyed the area.
  21. He threatened me.
  22. I can smell it.
  23. I rode a horse.
  24. I sighted the site.
  25. I slipped.
  26. I submitted the note.
  27. I suggested him.
  28. I surrender to God.
  29. I was taxed.
  30. It sounds high.
  31. It sparkles.
  32. My shirt shrinks.
  33. Rewind the cassette.
  34. She rolls the dice.
  35. She sang well.
  36. She slings.
  37. She spoils the child.
  38. She stores grains.
  39. She throws the ball.
  40. Shut the door.
  41. Spell this word.
  42. Spit here.
  43. Stick the bills.
  44. Subtract 5 from 13.
  45. Tear the letter.
  46. The judge summoned him.
  47. The sun rises.
  48. The sun shines.
  49. The wheel is rotating.
  50. They sailed by boat.
  51. They shifted me.
  52. We transport things.

    Negative Form :

  53. Don't rewind the cassette.
  54. Don't shut the door.
  55. Don't spell this word.
  56. Don't spit here.
  57. Don't stick the bills.
  58. Don't subtract 5 from 13.
  59. Don't tear the letter.
  60. He did not retire.
  61. He did not roast the pig.
  62. He did not rule well.
  63. He did not run fast.
  64. He did not rush to the hospital.
  65. He did not seal sit.
  66. He did not sign the cheque.
  67. He did not snatch the chain.
  68. He did not sponsor me.
  69. He did not steal the bread.
  70. He did not step.
  71. He did not substitute me.
  72. He did not succeed.
  73. He did not summarize the passage.
  74. He did not support him.
  75. He did not survey the area.
  76. He did not threaten me.
  77. He does not simplify the problem.
  78. He does not smoke.
  79. He does not spin the yam.
  80. He does not supply food.
  81. I can't smell it.
  82. I did not ride a horse.
  83. I did not sight the site.
  84. I did not slip.
  85. I did not submit the note.
  86. I did not suggest him.
  87. I do not surrender to God.
  88. I was not taxed.
  89. It does not sound high.
  90. It does not sparkle.
  91. My shirt does not shrink.
  92. She did not sing well.
  93. She does not roll the dice.
  94. She does not sling.
  95. She does not spoil the child.
  96. She does not store grains.
  97. She does not throw the ball.
  98. The judge did not summon him.
  99. The sun does not rise.
  100. The sun does not shine.
  101. The wheel is not rotating.
  102. They did not sail by boat.
  103. They did not shift me.
  104. We don't transport things.

    Question Form : Interrogatory Form

  105. Can you smell it?
  106. Did he retire?
  107. Did he roast the pig?
  108. Did he rule well?
  109. Did he run fast?
  110. Did he rush to the hospital?
  111. Did he seal it?
  112. Did he sign the cheque?
  113. Did he snatch the chain?
  114. Did he sponsor?
  115. Did he steal the bread?
  116. Did he step?
  117. Did he substitute you?
  118. Did he succeed?
  119. Did he summarize the passage?
  120. Did he threaten me?
  121. Did I suggest him?
  122. Did she sing well?
  123. Did the judge summon him?
  124. Did they sail by boat?
  125. Did they Shift me?
  126. Did you ride on horse?
  127. Did you sight the site?
  128. Did you slip?
  129. Did you submit the note?
  130. Did you survey the area?
  131. Do we transport things?
  132. Do you rewind the cassette?
  133. Do you stick the bill?
  134. Do you surrender to God?
  135. Does your shirt shrink?
  136. Does he simplify the Problem?
  137. Does he smoke?
  138. Does he spin the yam?
  139. Does he supply food?
  140. Does it sound high?
  141. Does it sparkle?
  142. Does she roll the dice?
  143. Does she sing?
  144. Does she spoil the child?
  145. Does she store grains?
  146. Does she throw the ball?
  147. Does the sun rise?
  148. Does the sun shine?
  149. Is the wheel rotating?
  150. Was I taxed?
  151. Will you shut the door?
  152. Will you spell this word?
  153. Will you spit here?
  154. Will you subtract 5 from 3?
  155. Will you support me?
  156. Will you tear the letter?

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Simple Present Tense Worksheet :


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