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ROOT-WORDS are SPOND & SPONS meaning PLEDGE & ANSWER. It comes from the Latin spondee, sponders & sponsus meaning to pledge. In that very you get the explanation of the two spellings of the ROOT-WORD. Knowing that the Root means Pledge and convenant gives one the full, rich meaning of the word reSPONSibility. It means not only to pledge, but to REpledge. Please notice in No.16, the IR before the RE. Ir is an assimilated IN before r.

1. Sponsor :SPONS or (spon’ sor) n.

One who assumes responsibility for a project;as a sponsor of a charity

2. Sponsor :SPONS or (spon’ sor) v.

To assume responsibility; to promise support

3. Sponsorship :SPONS orship (spon’ sor ship) n.

The state of being a sponsor

4. Sponsorial :SPONS orial (spon sore’ ee al) adj.

Relating to a sponsor

5. Respond :re SPOND (re spond’) v.

To answer in kind; as, respond to an appeal

6. Response :re SPONS e (re spons’) n.

An answer; as, an immediate response

7. Responsive :re SPONS ive (re spon’ siv) adj.

Causing to answer; as, a responsive nature

8. Respondent :re SPOND ent (re spon’ dent) n.

One who responds

9. Responder :re SPOND er (re spon’ der) n.

One who answers a communication

10. Responsible :re SPONS ible (re spon’ si b’l) adj.

Answerable; trustworthy to carry out obligations

11. Responsibility :re SPONS ibility (re spon si bil’ it ee) n.

Reliability; as, seeing one’s responsibility

12. Correspond :corre SPOND (kor e spond’) v.

To communicate by letter; sending and receiving letters

13. Correspondence :corre SPOND ence (kor e spo n de ce) n.

State of corresponding

14. Correspondent :corre SPOND ent (kor e spon’ dent) n.

One who communicates with another

15. Unresponsive :unre SPONS ive (un re spon’ siv) adj.

Not answering; opposite of No.7

16. Irresponsible :ire SPONS ible (ir e spon’ si b’l) adj.

Nor reliable; does not respond to the call of duty

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