Synonyms Exercises

Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

1. ADVICE : (ANSWER : B - counsel also means legal adviser.)

(a) council (b) counsel (c) practice (d) proposal

2. MISERABLE : (ANSWER : C - abject means helpless, miserable, despicable situation, obstruct means to hinder, abstract is the literal opposite of concrete, real.)

(a) object (b) obstruct (c) abject (d) abstract

3. QUOTE : (ANSWER : D - sight means scene, sue means to file a Suit.)

(a) sight (b) sigh (c) sue (d) cite

4. HARMONY : (ANSWER : C - cemetery means graveyards, hierarchy means a system of society in which people are graded into different classes according to certain norms, harmony is when many things work together in the same mode)

(a) cemetery (b) ceremony (c) symmetry (d) hierarchy

5. UNLAWFUL : (ANSWER : D - illicit means not sanctioned by law, elicit means to draw a response with difficulty, illegitimate means illegal/ unlawfu)

(a) elicit (b) draw (c) litigation (d) illicit

6. HAUGHTY : (ANSWER : B - arrogant means revealing an exaggerated sense of own importance, adamant means firmly or stubbornly, determinedly)

(a) imperial (b) arrogant (c) adamant (d) empire

7. WISE : (ANSWER : C - judicious means having good sense, momentous means most important, pragmatic means practical, treating in a sensible and realistic way)

(a) momentous (b) pragmatic (c) judicious (d) delay

8. LOQUACIOUS : (ANSWER : C - Verbose means using or containing more words than are needed, ambiguous means having more than one meaning)

(a) Victorian (b) bombastic (c) verbose (d) ambiguous

9. COURAGEOUS : (ANSWER : D - fearless means lack of fear, fickle means unstable, often changing, not constant, not faithful, Insipid means tasteless)

(a) fickle (b) insipid (c) timorous (d) fearless


(a) supervision (b) custody (c) superintendence (d) vigil


(a) affinity (b) influence (c) causation (d) appendage

12. WEARY : (ANSWER : B - )

(a) sad (b) fatigued (c) sentimental (d) emotional

13. BEQUEST : (ANSWER : C - )

(a) parsimony (b) matrimony (c) heritage (d) patrimony

14. GULLIBLE : (ANSWER : C - )

(a) credible (b) believable (c) credulous (d) fallible

15. BRAVERY : (ANSWER : C - Onslaught means attack. Arrogant means full of pride.)

(a) onslaught (b) arrogant (c) fortitude (d) nepotism

Synonyms Exercises :

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