Synonyms Exercises

Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

106. STUPEFY : (ANSWER : B - To make dull or stupid or muddle)

(a) lie (b) make dull (c) talk nonsense (d) overread

107. ADMONISH : (ANSWER : D - To admonish means to warn or to caution. Other similar words are Reprimand; express disapproval etc.)

(a) polish (b) distribute (c) escape (d) caution

108. ATROPHY : (ANSWER : A - wither)

(a) wither (b) grow (c) soften (d) spread

109. COMPREHEND : (ANSWER : D - understand)

(a) agree (b) reprieve (c) settle (d) understand

110. SUFFICE : (ANSWER : A - Suffice also means to answer or to serve.)

(a) endure (b) be adeqaute (c) annex (d) eat up

111. PERSONABLE : (ANSWER : C - attractive)

(a) self-centered (b) initimate (c) attractive (d) sensitive

112. ANALOGY : (ANSWER : A - similarity)

(a) similarity (b) distinction (c) transposition (d) variety

113. INTRIGUE : (ANSWER : C - plot)

(a) request (b) poison (c) plot (d) veto

114. DEBONAIR : (ANSWER : A - gay)

(a) gay (b) extravagant (c) corrupt (d) healthful

115. PONDEROUS : (ANSWER : B - heavy)

(a) conceited (b) heavy (c) shameless (d) abundant

116. CHARGIN : (ANSWER : D - vexation)

(a) delight (b) caution (c) deceit (d) vexation

117. DEFAMATION : (ANSWER : A - slander)

(a) slander (b) debt (c) infeciton (d) deterioration

118. APLOMB : (ANSWER : D - self-assurance)

(a) caution (b) shortsightedness (c) timidity (d) self-assurance

119. FORTITUDE : (ANSWER : C - courage)

(a) wealth (b) loudness (c) courage (d) luck

120. MERCENARY : (ANSWER : C - serving only for pay)

(a) poisonous (b) unworthy (c) serving only for pay (d) luring by false charms

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