tact, tang, ting, tig & tag

ROOT-WORDS are TACT, TANG, TIG, TAG & TING meaning TOUCH. All these variations come from the conjugation of the Latin tango, tetigi, tactus & tangere. If you study the ROOTS carefully you will have a sure touch for the right word in every contingency.

1. Tact : TACT (takt) n.

A feeling of what is appropriate; as, the hostess showed tact

2. Tactful : TACT ful (takt’ ful) adj.

Having tact

3. Tactics : TACT ics (tak’ tiks) n.

Clever maneuvering; strategy in management

4. Tactician : TACT ician (tak ti’ shun) n.

An expert at tactics

5. Tactical : TACT ical (tak’ tik al) adj.

Relating to tactics; as, a tactical error

6. Tactile : TACT ile (tak’ til) adj.

Pertaining to the sense of touch

7. Tactus : TACT us (tak’ tus) n.

The sense of touch

8. Tactility : TACT ility (tak til’ it ee) n.

Perceptibility by touch

9. Tangent : TANG ent (tan’ jent) n.

A straight line which touches a circle at a single point

10. Tangential : TANG entail (tan jen’ shul) adj.

Touching at one point

11. Tangible : TANG ible (tan’ ji b’l) adj.

Capable of being touched; perceptible

12. Tangled : TANG led (tan; guld) adj.

Intertwined; snarled; as, tangled in lies

13. Contiguous : con TIG uous (kon tig’ yu us) adj.

Touching; as, contiguous property

14. Contingent : con TING ent (kon tin’ jent) adj.

Possible but not certain; dependent on something else

15. Contingency : con TING ency (kon tin’ jen see) n.

Uncertainty; possibility

16. Contact : con TACT (kon’ takt) n.

A touching; an association; as, an important contact

17. Contagion : con TAG ion (kon tay’ jun) n.

Transmission of disease

18. Contagious : con TAG ious (kon tay’ jus) adj.

Catching; as, a contagious disease

19. Intangible : in TANG ible (in tan’ ji b’l) adj.

Cannot be touched; as, spiritual matters are intangible

20. Intangibility : in TANG ibility (in tan ji bil’ it ee) n.

The quality of not being touchable

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