tempor & tempo

ROOT-WORDS are TEMPO & TEMPOR which mean TIME. It comes from the Latin tempus & temporis. Do not confuse this Root with one which is spelled temper. That is something entirely different. Words like temperature or temperate have nothing to do with TIME - TEMPOR. Another word which looks similar is tempt. This too, has nothing to do with TIME - TEMPOR. So, when a word has TEMP in it, just take a hard look at the next letter. Not e, not I, but o.

1. Tempo : TEMPO (tem’ po) n.

Rate of speed : The plural is “tempi"

2. Pro tem : pro TEM (pro tem’) adv.

For the time being

3. Temporal : TEMPOR al (tem’ p oral) adj.

Limited by time; earthly life

4. Temporality : TEMPOR ality (tem po ral’ it ee) n.

The quality of being limited by time

5. Temporary : TEMPOR ary (tem’ po rare e) n.

For the time being; as, a temporary job

6. Temporize : TEMPOR ize (tem’ po rize) v.

To comply with the time or circumstance

7. Temporariness : TEMPOR ariness (tem po rar’ ee ness) n.

Impermanence; as, the temporariness of life

8. Temporizer : TEMPOR izer (tem’ po rize er) n.

One who temporizes

9. Temporization : TEMPOR ization (tem po ri zay’ shun) n.

The act of temporizing

10. Temporarily : TEMPOR arily (tem po rar’ i lee) adv.

For the present; as, she lives here temporarily

11. Contemporary : con TEMPOR ary (kon tem’ po rare e) n.

Those who live at the same time; as, Hitler and Mussolini

12. Contemporaneous: con TEMPOR aneous (kon tem po ray’ nee us) adj.

Happening at the same time

13. Contemporaneously: con TEMPOR ancously (kon tem po ray’ nee us lee) adv.

At the same time

14. Extempore : ex TEMPOR e (ek stem’ po ree) adv.

On the spur of the moment; impromptu; unprepared

15. Extemporaneous: ex TEMPOR aneous (ek stem po ray’ nee us) adj.

Unprepared; improvised

16. Extemporaneously: ex TEMPOR aneously(ek stem po ray’ nee us lee) adv.


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