The Complementary Object

The Complementary Object :

Verbs of choosing, calling, naming, making and thinking may take two objects referring to the same person or thing.

The first of these is the direct object and the second which completes the sense of the predicate is called a
predicate objective .

The predicate objective is often called
the complementary object or the objective attribute .

1. The people have elected Chamberlain governor.
2. Peter calls Richard my shadow.
3. The court has appointed you the child’s guardian.
4. John thinks himself a hero.

An adjective may serve as a predicate objective. Thus….

1. I thought your decision hasty.
2. I call that answer impertinent.
3. The jury found the prisoner guilty.
4. Your letter made him joyful.

Care should be taken not to confuse adverbs with adjectives in -ly serving as predicate objectives.

1. You called him sickly. [Adjective.]
2. You called him early. [Adverb.]

After the passive, a predicate objective becomes a
predicate nominative .

The Complementary Object :

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