The Imperative

The Imperative :

Use the base form of a verb to give commands or make direct requests. This use of the verb is called the imperative.

Stand, everyone!

Tidy your bedroom immediately!

Choose a partner!

Eat plenty of vegetables.

Find some nice round pebbles.

Come back soon!

Take a sandwich.

Come and look at this, Tom!

OK, children, open your books to page 25.

Imperatives are a very direct way of telling people to do something. Using do or please before an imperative is more polite.

Do sit down.

Do check these figures again.

Please help yourselves to some food.

Please don’t change anything on my computer.

You can also use the helping verb would to sound polite.

For examples :

Please would you clear the table?

Would you please talk quietly?

Do the work yourself.

Welcome to the National Zoo.

Sit down!

Open the door.

Please come here.

Brush his teeth.

The Imperative :

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