The Importance of Editors

The Importance of Editors…:

Nothing is more critical to creating a successful essay than having editors. Very few students have written a strong essay without some help and input from others. Plus, editors will catch embarrassing mistakes that you may miss after reading your essay for the 24th time.

Get friends, teachers and family to read your essays. Some editors are skilled at catching spelling and grammatical mistakes, while others are great at providing suggestions on content. You need both kinds of editors. Ideally, editors will help identify areas of your essay that are confusing or unnecessary. They can give feedback on the essay’s structure and whether or not the transitions work. They can also comment on your main idea and how well it is conveyed.

If you plan on using humor, get an adult to double check what you (and perhaps your friends) think is funny. Remember you might get an admission officer who does not appreciate the humor of the Simpsons or South Park.

Getting editorial feedback is not easy on the ego since someone may tear apart work that you have spent days creating. However, view all criticism as constructive and know that it will help you to craft a stronger essay which in turn will help you get into college which is, after all, your primary goal.

The one danger to avoid is that you should not blindly accept every suggestion. Remember that you are the author and you need to filter your editor’s suggestions and act upon those that make sense to you.

If you just insert everyone’s comments into your essay, you will ruin it. It will become unfocused and your voice will be lost.

Make sure that while you welcome feedback from others you keep their comments in perspective and only use those that you feel will improve your essay. In the end you are the captain of your essay. While your editors provide valuable support, you are still responsible for its ultimate destination.

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The Importance of Editors…:

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